1892 Johann Friedrich Gietz founds a company in Zurich-Oerlikon with the goal to sell and repair letterpress and lithographic printing machines of Klein, Forst & Bohn (later Johannisberg) in Switzerland.
1917 His sons, Johann and Bernhard Gietz join the company.
1918 The company, then employing about 30 people, starts building its own book platen presses called PRESTO.
1942 The third generation, Johann and Werner Gietz, joins the company.
1949 The first Gietz paper plate machine “Z” is built. It is based on the platen press, equipped with heating and forming dies.
1957 Hanspeter Gietz, son of Johann Gietz, is the first of the 4th generation to join the company.
  The first Gietz automated hot foil stamping machine “F”, also based on the platen press principle is launched. With a stamping size of 320 x 460 mm, the press can be used for foil stamping on paper and cardboard.
1964 The production is moved from Zurich-Oerlikon to Gossau near St. Gallen. At the same time, the administration, sales and service department are installed in Dietlikon, near Zurich.
1968 Heinrich Gietz, the youngest son of Johann Gietz, joins the company.
  The first Gietz KK machine for the gluing and forming of conical trays is added to the sales programme.
1972 At Drupa 1972, Gietz presents the FSA 660, the first automatic platen machine specifically designed for foil stamping in half sheet size. Six 660 models are built before the FSA 720 is developed for a slightly larger sheet size.
1984 The trading house Gietz & Co AG in Dietlikon secures a contract with Horizon from Japan for the exclusive distribution of their machines in the Swiss market.
1986 Drupa 1986: Gietz launches the first automatic forming machine for paper plates –the Variformer 640.
  Gietz sells the first FSA 720 with electronic foil feeds and special equipment for the application of holograms on banknotes.
1989 The FSA 790 with a larger stamping size is presented as the successor of the FSA 720.
  The site of Gietz AG in Gossau is enlarged by 2000 square metres.
1991 After more than 99 years, the cooperation agreement with Johannisberg-Miller is dissolved due to the take-over of Johannisberg-Miller by MAN Roland.
1992 100 years at Gietz: The Gietz family celebrates this historical event together with 300 employees and business friends from all over the world.
1996 The HTF 940, latest design of the Gietz machine for the gluing and forming of conical trays, is ready for the market.
1998 Claudia Gietz, daughter of Hanspeter Gietz and the first to represent the 5th generation, joins the company.
  January 1998, the first web-fed flat-flat foil stamping machine is installed in the US and brought onto the market under the name ROFO 870.
2000 Gietz inaugurates in Gossau the new 4-floor office building.
2002 Hansjörg Gietz, son of Hanspeter Gietz, joins Gietz AG in Gossau.
2004 The FSA 1060 Foil Commander is launched at Drupa 04. The first machine is installed at Gräfe Druck & Veredelung GmbH in Bielefeld.
2006 Patrick Gietz, son of Heinrich Gietz, joins Gietz & Co AG in Dietlikon.
2007 Foundation of Gietz Holding AG based in Gossau. The complete group employs over 80 people.
2008 At Drupa 2008, Gietz presents the new electronic register system SMART register on the FSA 1060 Foil Commander.
2010 The first FSA 1060 Foil Commander NOTA is supplied to a banknote printer in Russia. With this machine type Gietz offers a machine to cover the larger banknote sheet sizes, with many capabilities of importance for the banknote printing industry.
2011 As a further subsidiary of the Gietz Holding AG, Gietz founds the Gietz Immobilien AG based in Gossau. The properties in Gossau and Dietlikon are merged into the new company.
  As from 1st October 2011, Gietz & Co AG in Dietlikon is established as exclusive distributor of Komori printing machines in Switzerland.


1892 - Johann Friedrich Gietz, Gründer der Firma
1918 - PRESTO Buchdruck Tiegelpresse
1957 - Prägefoliendruck-Automat Modell F
1964 - Fabrik und Liegenschaften in Zürich Oerlikon
1972 - FSA 660
2000 - Neues Bürogebäude in Gossau