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Powerful and Accurate - Hydraulic clamping and cutting mechanism ensures accurate cutting quality.


Servo motor driven backgauge for accurate positioning.

Easy Operation - The color touchscreen is intuitive and icon-based for user-friendly operation. The Operation, Setting and Information Screens are used for efficient and accurate operation.


Safety - The APC-610 is activated only when the two cut buttons are simultaneously pressed. Also, if the standard equipped area sensors detect any object, the cutting motion will stop immediately.


JDF Workflow - The system can be further enhanced with Horizon's pXnet bindery control system which integrates JDF workflow from upstream devices.

HORIZON Schneidemaschine APC 610

  • Model APC-610
    Cutting Height Max. 100 mm / 3.93” (95 mm / 3.74” using the support plate)
    Cutting Speed 3.8 seconds per cycle
    Machine Dimensions W1,156 x D1,506 x H1,472 mm / W45.6" x D59.3" x H58.0"
    Machine Weight 783 kg / 1,724.7 lb
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