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2-in-1 emulsion film rolling machine. FoilGlazer is a machine dedicated to lamination and emulsion. The machine can use up to 365 x 600mm paper size, popular paper size of digital printing.




Laminating & Foil fusing in one box

Foilglazer is the robust laminating & foil fusing machine. It accommodates papers up to 365x600mm in size covers the majority of digital prints.


Easy setting, intuitive operation

Foilglazer has a feeder that can be unfolded. This makes film setting and regular maintenance easy. The touch screen control is very intuitive to operate.


Automatic air suction feeding

Thanks to Uchida’s air suction feeding technology, Foilglazer can feed a wide variety of prints consistently. The feeder can take substrates from 110gsm to 400gsm in weight.


Enhance your productivity

The maximum driving speed of the Foilglazer is 5m/min. Thanks with the automatic film cutting mechanism, operator can walk away once the machine is started.


Special film for perfect lamination

Uchida offers special laminating film, designed for digital prints. Thanks to its strong adhesiveness, it can be laminated on oily toners and keep sticks even after creasing and cutting.


On-demand foil fusing

Using gold/silver foil rolls, the machine can “foilglaze” (fuse foil) on black toners. Ideal way to add values on digital, short-run, on-demand applications.substrates from 110gsm to 400gsm in weight.

UCHIDA FoilGlazer Foliermaschine

  • Functions Laminating and foilglazing (foil fusing)
    Feedable paper size Laminating: 297(W)x210(L) - 365(W)x600(L) mm
    Foilglazing: 148(W)x210(L) - 365(W)x600(L) mm
    Paperweight 110 - 400 gsm*
    Paper quality Coater paper, Art paper, Fine quality paper etc.

    *Please validate some sheets to check the results before production.
    Feeding mechanism Upper belt air suction feed + blower
    Operation 4.3" color touch screen, Inching switch (forward/backward)
    Pressure roller lifting lever, Emergency button
    Feed tray capacity 50mm
    Delivery speed Laminating: 5m/min.
    Foilglazing: 3m/min.
    Usable film (Laminating) Width: 200 - 340mm
    Outer diameter: Up to 200mm
    Thickness: 20 - 45 micron
    Core diameter: 2 inch (58mm)
    Usable film (Foilglazing) Width: 320mm
    Outer diameter: Up to 200mm
    Core diameter: 1 inch (26mm)
    Laminating method Heat roller + halogen heater.
    Warm up time less than 10 min.
    Roller temperature Less than 10 mins
    Roller pressure Off / 80 - 160 °C
    Required compressor Off / 80 - 160 °C
    Separation method Pneumatic
    Dimensions Main body: 582(W)x621(D)x535(H) mm
    With feed tray and stacker: 1,717(W)x621(D)x535(H) mm
    With machine table: 1,717(W)x621(D)x1,206(H) mm
    Weight Complete package: 85 kgs
    Power source 100-120VAC or 220-240VAC 50/60Hz, single phase
    Power consumption 1,500W
    Options Machine table, Ultrasonic double feed sensor, Dust removal roller, Side blowers for feeder, Laminating film slitter.
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